Franchise of the Day: Make Summer Fun Again With This Franchise

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Summer, with its warm days and endless sunshine, seems to be just a hop and a skip away. And while we love having an excuse to pull out those bug-eyed sunglasses, that doesn’t mean anyone loves the actual thing.


Especially with rising health concerns including Zika, Mosquito Joe knows how important it is to keep those blood-sucking insects away. Why not make those long summer days at the pool or playing in the backyard fun again without the worry of waking up the next day covered in bites?

Providing neighborhood outdoor pest control, the company offers both residential and commercial services to finally rid of those pesky mosquitoes, ticks or fleas.

It works using a number of repellants, sprays, misting and all-natural systems that are applied on a regular basis (about every three weeks).

The company was originally founded in 2010 and began franchising in 2014. With its ability to keep you and your skin looking healthy all season long, it's no wonder Mosquito Joe earned its way to Entrepreneur's list of franchises.


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