What's An Affiliate Program?

Sell your products online by creating an online partnership.

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So you want to sell products on your Web site, but you don't actually have your own products? Try an affiliate program-an arrangement between you and a merchant who has products to sell, such as Amazon.com and books (among other things), eBags.com and luggage, Garden.com and gardening supplies. You sign up to become an "affiliate," or approved reseller of their products, which you sell on your Web site in your own online store.

When people visit your travel Web site, for example, you could have a travel bookstore featuring books you personally recommend. Your visitors then purchase books "from" your site. In reality, the transaction takes place on Amazon.com's Web site, and Amazon.com handles the credit card approval, shipping and customer service. You get a percentage of the sale in the form of a quarterly check-without all the work! Find the best affiliate programs at the Refer-It search engine.

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