What Is A Microsite?

A look at going beyond the banner

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If you're looking to sell advertising on your site but your potential advertisers are looking to go "beyond the banner," would you know what to offer them?

A microsite is an extension of your own Web site that provides visitors with additional information and resources while promoting your advertiser. Microsites are like mini Web site, often only a handful of pages but sometimes more extensive. There's co-branding on the microsite, which means not only displaying your logo but also prominently displayed logos for your advertiser, usually with links to their Web site as well as links back to your main site.

Microsites must be focused on a particular goal, such as getting visitors to take a survey, subscribe to an e-newsletter or register to receive additional information. Or it could be focused on selling a particular product relevant to your visitors. Ultimately, a microsite helps to facilitate a larger interaction between your advertiser and visitors beyond what clicking on a banner can do.

Aliza Sherman is an entrepreneur and author of Cybergrrl: A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web (Ballantine Books). She is currently working on her next book and new company.

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