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A Franchisee Who Grew Up at a Mall Food Court

Mohammad Mansour worked summers at the Illinois mall. Today, he's the employer, giving back to his community in the form of jobs for youth.

A Franchise That Sheds Light on the Entrepreneurial Experience

Franchisee Juanita Tackett was always interested in sustainability. Now she's promoting that ideal and making money doing it.

Nepotism Was Never an Issue for This Unishippers Franchisee

Caleb Nelson started at 20 in the franchise business and worked his way up to success -- on his own steam.

A Franchisee Committed to Helping Seniors Stay in Their Homes

With a Right at Home franchise, Laura Greenway-Balnar found the perfect application for her gerontology nursing expertise.

From Wall Street to Main Street: This Franchisee Is Generating Profits in a Whole New Way

Robert Shingleton moved from a $2 billion arbitrage portfolio to ownership of 14 sub sandwich restaurants, and he hasn't looked back.

A Franchisee Couple Who Wanted to Make 'a Strong Impact' on People's Daily Lives

Meghan and Court Fable enjoy the staffing business despite the challenge of having "no hours." They're always open.

The Secret to Hitting a Home Run in the Hospitality Franchise Business

Franchisee Bill Hooks says he's learned that you coach restaurants, you don't really manage them.

This Globe-Trotting CEO Returned Home to Memphis to Open His First Franchise

Today, Drayton Mayers is taking on his tech competitors in his hometown, and thriving.

A Franchisee Who's Given Warm Welcomes for 10 Years

For Our Town America's first franchisee Sondra Conk, that warm feeling of home never gets old.

A Franchisee for Whom 'Like Father, Like Son' Has Special Meaning

Ben Korn purchased his father's Safeguard franchise in Tucson, where he could foresee future growth there, as well as year-round golf.

A Franchisee Who's Expert at Building Both Shelves and Revenues

Alan Regala is so good at home improvement that he reached the $1 million revenue mark within three years.

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