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How are Franchisees Dealing?

The economy has many businesses in a slump. We spoke with several franchisees to see how they're overcoming obstacles.

Franchising Hot Spots

Which franchise categories hold the most promise for 2009? We break it down and give you the first look.

A Franchise Unique by Design

The latest twist in franchising brings together art, business and community spirit.

The Wide World of Franchisees

Today's franchise buyers are a diverse group--from corporate refugees to individuals born after The Beatles split up.

Hot Franchising Trends for 2007

Which types of franchises boast standout growth? Here's what's happening in the industry.

Franchise Gurus Speak Out

Learn from the franchising legends who have built some of today's biggest brands.

Running a Family Franchise

Love, money, relationships, contracts... learn to navigate the complexities of owning a family franchise.

Wine Hits the Franchise World

Entrepreneurs tap into America's taste for fine wine with new wine bar and retail store opportunities.

Fast-Food Franchises Get Fresh

Which food franchises will be flying off the shelves in the near future? Ones that offer fast, healthy and fresh options.

Your Burning Franchise Questions

When it comes to buying a franchise, we know what's on your mind. We answer your top questions here.

Start a Business the Fast Way

Buying a franchise or business opportunity takes much of the fuss out of startup and lets you focus on profits and growth.

The Life of a Serial Franchisor

Martin Sprock has established a big name for himself in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Now he talks candidly about his strategies for success.

Spreading the News: 6 Sales and Marketing Opportunities

If you're tired of selling for someone else, break out on your own with these innovative franchise concepts.

Pushing the Limit

Babies give mothers the runaround in this fitness class on wheels.

Welcome Wagon

This homegrown entrepreneur welcomes newcomers to her town.

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