Burger King

Crazy Fast Food Burgers You Can Only Find in Japan

Finding customers for berry jam burgers may prove difficult anywhere else.

5 Crazy Food Franchise Moments You'll Never Forget

Some things you just can't unsee, even when you want to.

Beer Is Coming to Select Burger King Locations in the U.K.

The fast-food franchise says the move is really just its way of catching up with competitors such as McDonald's.

Burger King Is Starting to Sell Hot Dogs

'It's so obvious,' says the company's head of North American operations. 'I don't know why we didn't do this before.'

Michal Addady

Burger King Gets Burned in Twitter Duel With Wendy's

Wendy's and Burger King dueled over their competing $4 promotions.

Is Burger King Bringing a Burger With Black Buns to the U.S.?

The burger has been a hit in Japan, and rumors are swirling it will make its U.S. debut for Halloween.

Kate Taylor

Iced Coffee Challenge: How Do Fast-Food Restaurants Measure Up to Coffee Chains?

In a blind taste test, our team of testers sampled iced coffees from a number of businesses including McDonald's, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.

Kate Taylor

Here's What the McWhopper Would Actually Look Like

Burger King wants to combine the Whopper and McDonald's Big Mac for one day, in one location. Here's a guide to making it yourself.

Kate Taylor

How a One Direction Misdirection on Twitter Inspired Burger King to Bring Back Chicken Fries

The burger chain says that Liam Payne's tweets raised the snack's social media profile, but a true 1D fan would know that Payne is more of a KFC man.

Kate Taylor

McDonald's to Refranchise 3,500 Restaurants Worldwide

The chain will go from 81 percent franchised to 90 percent franchised in the next three years.

Kate Taylor

Why Wendy's and McDonald's Still Don't Have Veggie Burgers

Two of America's Big 3 burger chains are under pressure to add a meatless burger to their menus.

Kate Taylor

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